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During Accelerated Freefall A.F.F. (Accelerated Free Fall) The AFF course is the most modern and comprehensive education system to transform into a short time in a safe and competent skydiver

Duration: The course consists of a theory of the day to get ready to face the day after your first launch. The course can be done at any time of the year, consistent with the climatic conditions.

Teaching methods: The course is structured into seven levels "step by step", during which, for the first three will be assisted by two instructors. The two instructors will accompany you, keeping you firmly, from the 4000 meters up to the opening of your airfoil parachute. During the descent you will be assisted by radio until landing. After passing the first three levels you will be assisted by a single instructor to the seventh level. At the end of the course you will jump from only having gained the technical skill that would take dozens of shots with a traditional course.

Physical requirements: There are no specific contraindications, to attend the course you need a medical certificate for skydiving that can be issued from any sports medicine center, or sports doctor writing F.I.M.S. And 'it certamende the most engaging and comprehensive way to become good paratroopers. It is a course "full immersion", during which you will live closely with two instructors with international qualification that will accompany you "by the hand" during the seven levels carried out 4,000 meters of altitude, and it will be next to you in freefall up to the moment when, at a predetermined altitude, open your parachute. While sailing down the open you will be assisted with a radio receiver. The cost is Euro 1,500.00 including: theory and practice, (about 10-12 hours), teaching materials, equipment rental and parachute, 7 jumps from 4,200 meters.

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