Experience the amazing thrill of freefall skydiving!

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It’s a jump that anyone can experience, in the most beautiful place in Southern Italy !

Following a short pre-jump briefing, you will enjoy the thrill of free fall and even learn the basics of steering and landing a modern ‘square’ gliding parachute, while securely attached to a highly experienced instructor. All you need to do is smile and enjoy your skydive in the blue sky of Sicily!

On the day of your skydive your tandem instructor will explain in detail what you have to do and what will take place during the flight up, the free fall descent and the ride down under the parachute.
This briefing normally takes around 15 minutes.

After this, you will be provided with a skydiver’s jumpsuit to go over your clothes (you should wear comfortable clothing, such as a track suit, and a pair of trainers). After fitting the tandem parachute harness (and appropriate headgear and goggles) you are ready to board the plane for the stunning ascent and live the most amazing experience of your life!

Remember is your are not 18 yet you must have your parents’ consent!


We use today’s systems and Tandem parachute most advanced in the world.
All equipment is periodically reviewed and certified by experts enabled RAI (Italian Aeronautical Registry).


The staff of SkydiveSicilia wants to make your first jump memorable!

Our cameramen will jump with you and capture the emotion of your first jump in video/photo!
You will then share your excitement with family and friends!


All instructors of Skydive Sicilia school  are certified by the Italian Ministry of Transport and followed, for their qualification, the best training, using the most modern techniques available.